One of our favourite activities as humans is to project our own philosophical and psychological concerns onto the “persons” of animals. Rather than being their own “persons,” animals—and indeed, nature in general—are framed in terms of our values and assumptions. I use this uniquely human quality as a strategy in my Conspiracy Case project.

Check out Bear 71, a 20-minute interactive NFB documentary by Jeremy Mendes and Leanne Allison, that is a really nice exploration of this human tendency.

The artist and the Station House Gallery wish to acknowledge the gracious support of the following persons and organizations:

• The Cariboo Regional District and City of Williams Lake, through the Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Society
• Diane Toop
• Leah Selk and Michael Kjelsrud
• Chris Hutton, Planning Technician, City of Williams Lake (kind assistance with local maps)
• 1st Avenue Second-Hand (donation of TV set, DVD player, vintage filing cabinet, office chair and wooden shelf unit)
• Annie’s Attic (donation of steel desk)

NOTE: Some of the furniture items (desk, shelf unit, office chair) will be available for purchase after the exhibition closes at the end of August. If interested, kindly enquire with gallery staff.

Welcome to my new blog, which I have created to promote my new project, Conspiracy Case: A Fantasy of Total Surveillance. With Conspiracy Case, which I am inaugurating this summer at the Station House Gallery in Williams Lake, B.C., I aim to create a matrix of photographic and video surveillance over local Columbia ground squirrel populations in order to demonstrate their involvement in criminal conspiracies and ties to criminal underworlds of drugs, terrorism and other nefarious activities. To find out more, please click on the “About the Project” tab at the top of this page.